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    Yo I made a few medal mods ages back and I just found them on my PC so I'll release them aye Here's some examples of what they look like: Halo 5: Halo Reach : MSPaint: INSTRUCTIONS: *THIS ONLY WORKS FOR ENGLISH AND SPANISH* 1. Extract fonts.rar into Halo 2/maps/fonts 2. Once you know...
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    Update Feedback / Comment thread

    hosting games is impossible because cunts w shitty cumbo net can steal ur host and the server browser takes like 2 minutes to load also u can't add favorite servers and u can't search servers by gametype either. also the server browser isn't real time and u have to refresh it and it takes ages...
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    [H2H]BELJO Hacking Macro

    @[H2H]BELJO this isn't proof enough. It's not hard to double shot infront of a camera, even easier since you don't claw anyone can do that.
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    [H2H]BELJO Hacking Macro

    Hello, I have proof of BELJO using macros ingame. Here's his latest video showing off his gameplay and as you can see, all throughout the video his double shots are lacking 1 bullet and are coming out as a 5 shot. You can see this clearly if you look at the top right bullet counter at 1:00. He...
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    How to stop malicious hackers from crashing your game

    Hello, I heard SaSoRi kept getting his game crashed by BakedSurfer for no reason whatsoever and thought anyone could become a victim. For anyone going through this shit please use this:
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    BicuspidDuke544 sideshooting

    u dumb he aint a hacker it's just the spot Celsius is sitting in makes a clone of himself. notice how he can lunge his melee smh
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    El creador, ToP Sil3nTT. and cd;) Desync EXAMPLE (Not hacking)

    they aren't hacking. that spot Uncut is in glitches him and makes a desynced clone that only other players can see. when someone shoots the clone it redirects the bullets.
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    so am i going to get unbanned, as i dont hacked in game but the discord server?
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    so i'm banned for messing with permissions in the discord server? didn't superhornet do the same with a bot? where's his ban?
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    "- Do not disrespect anyone's right to internet privacy or expect an immediate ban." i assume the ban only applies to the discord server?
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    yeah i understand and as i said before i apologize for my wrongdoings but the perma ban stated in the tos doesn't apply to such so what's the dealio
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    the discord roles incident doesn't apply to that
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    for the record before the new system i was never trying to avoid any ban placed on me as i had no restriction to create and play on my alt accounts whatsoever, hence why i "made it real obvious"