Big TwEEkx
  • podrian meter la pantalla dividida al halo 2 pc para poder jugar local y crear nuestras propias partidas sin abrir los puertos para poder jugar con amigos ala espada y escopeta en enserrona gracias

    Big TwEEkx
    Tengo un pequeño problema con halo 2. .....Acabo de actualizar el halo 2 y ahora al momento de abrir el juego no carga me aparece un mensaje de HALO 2 Vista dejo de funcionar. ¿¿que hago no puede cargar el halo 2 ??

    Big TwEEkx
    I have a small problem with halo 2. ..... I just updated the halo 2 and now when I open the game it does not load I get a message HALO 2 Vista stopped working.
    what I do
    Dear BigTwEEx
    a mesage shows and it writes that i have insufficient identification why that
    id like to add that i dont use hacks and i dont know how to fix it cause im not good at computers staff also the message said to tell this to one of the admins to verify the pc so i could use some help
    Broo, I'm friends with Yefer:0, you banned him today, he says he wants to play again that he won't use the hacks anymore, he just sucked him out of curiosity, if you can give him a second chance
    For a few months I have had a legend that says that I am banned and I do not understand why? I have never used hacks or mods or cheats, my gamertag is boundingplace, I hope and they can give me a solution
    I want to change my account name. His name is Metroid92 --- New Name to Change: Metroid Elite
    Can you help me? Thanks
    Can you help me?, i have this account, but when try to log in game, show message that say this account doesn't exist.
    hola,me podrias ayudar a registrarme en el juego como tal si lees esto porfa escribeme al 318 3071094

    Hello, could you help me to register in the game as such if you read this please write to me at 318 3071094
    hey so I have a few questions
    1. can I download project cartographer on a Mac?
    2. when I go to download it asks me to purchase the game and when I click on it it brings me to a google shopping link that doesn't work
    3. is there anywhere I can get a tutorial on the download since I'm very new to all of this

    hi there is a wrapper for mac
    Dear Big TwEEkx,
    i created an account ingame and after mailing you guys i received a mail that my account has been approved.
    But still if i try to add the account ingame the game tells me that there is no account with that username/email.
    Thx in advance.

    The mail i received:
    (Dominik, the account you registered at Project Cartographer has now been approved. You may now visit our site as a registered member. )
    spy el duño de la cuenta de THE END pido perdon por usar hacks se que erea malo pero esra la primera ves que lo hacia por que tenia curiosidad saber que se siente usarlos pero ya se que se siente y es feo perdon por usarlos no lo buelvo hacer y pues me toca jugar otra cosa ya no tengo cuenta perdon cartographer
    hola buenas tardes mi comentario es que porfavor me ayuden a volver a jugar halo la verdad no se por que me banearon un dia normal jugaba y al otro dia apareci que no me dejba entrar un compañero desde su pc intento entar aver que era y el automaticamente fue baneado sin razones quisiera volver a jugar halo 2 ya que es mi mayor distracion en tiempo libre.y la verdad no he utilisado hack espero me ayudes soy wilder01
    Hi, is there a chance for me to be unban from the game please? it's been a long time now, more than 6 month I think :/
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