Big TwEEkx
  • whats up i new to halo 2 but a halo 3 vet i want to try and get my skills up and learn the maps and weapon spawned time and jump all was down for mlg game type 1v1 2v2 4v4 add me Kasey2Cold
    Hello, when I want to create an account it does not leave me because it says that there is some connection problem of the server and that I contact an admin if it persists, I have been trying all day and in a forum here I read that they will contact you to make the account manually, to try it if it's not a problem, sorry if it's badly written but I do not speak English
    tweek, me disculpo por haber usado hack una vez en la vida, espero que me den otra oportunidad, y si me encuentran con hack de nuevo, baneenme de por vida
    Hola Big tweekx, respeto su decisión por haberme banearon, espero que me disculpé de haber roto las reglas, desearía volver a jugar como es, sinceramente use un programa de rainman productions pero por solo 2 días, si se pudiera liberar mi pc para volver a jugar. Le agradezco y de nuevo mil disculpas
    hey BigTwEEkx I'm looking for some answers to my profile. I am in banned status, however, I have not been contacted for explanation. the servers as of late have been extremely laggy, can't play without experience issues.

    Recently, I've had to leave many matches due to a very poor connection; either on the server hosting side, or my connection. I would like to be playing again. Thanks for your consideration.
    Sorry to use hack I also apologize to the players who ruin the parts when using hacks, and I never use them again because it is a bad experience with the power not to play 2a and they can comment me when they disband I thank them ATT: Asfalto27
    I'm still waiting for your answer ... Contact me to speak and clarify the issue of the player "OpTic"
    I offer a thousand apologies to the server for reliving that great game of my childhood and the fans of halo 2 y I hope you give me a second chance with a commitment to not hack again
    for something he uploaded it to youtube, because he was really giving him a beating in previous games and sincerely I had been playing 3 months besides that he played since the release of halo 2 on xbox.
    hello big Tweekx ,, I'm Rockyeros87, I was banned on November 3 for having used the halo 2 hack program using speed, rapid fire super jump and flight and using the user Kal-el-87, I did not know anything about this page and forum, I was surprised that they disabilized me.
    tweek hello I'm diegoxd again what I came to is to apologize for using hacks I know what I did was wrong for breaking laws and I did not think about it before doing it and that's why I came to apologize and ask if you can give me unban
    Tweek. You remember me. Anyways I'm not gonna lie I did speed hack no dought. Some accused me of Aimbotting which I didn't understand. Reason for speed hacking: The game feels slow. I come from Halo:Reach which I've said Millions of times and I just wanted to speed it up a bit. Anyways my Apologies it woun't happen again.

    ~Unban Referral
    Did they unhook you? :( I already want to play and I can not
    hello sir admin forgive me for using hacks I do not do it again please do with all respect remove me the ban ami I love halo and I do not have fun if I can not play it please remove the ban I beg you
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