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    Project Cartographer in Mac (wine)

    Any thoughts on this issue I'm having?: I've successfully installed it on Sierra and have played many hours, but since updating to High Sierra, it crashes before the game even loads up to the main menu. I tried reinstalling and clicking/unclicking auto detect gpu which seems to cause errors...
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    Idk if this was cheating but this guy kept getting outside of the map? This was in SMG clan cloud ctf server
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    can i get this to work on my mac ?

    tutorial here for wine
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    xArCaNgElxLvl - sideshooting

    fuck cheating How did you add the green dot to your crosshairs?
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    Hello, I'm Banned

    dude could hardly get a kill even :rolleyes: I'm digging the 24/7 CTF clow server though, it's cool to play the CE and H3 maps
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    [* Action Sack] "Juggernaut" (24x7 JuggFiesta)

    Seems we’ve mixed it up then. The server that hosts cloud also hosts juggernaut, and switches between them after several matches. A 24/7 dedicated cloud ctf server would be rad. Also, I’ve been wondering, who or what is the name cloud referring to? EDIT: OP was correct, server is called...
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    mouse glitch

    Thank you!!
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    [* Action Sack] "Juggernaut" (24x7 JuggFiesta)

    i second this. 24/7 jugg is trash. it would be nice to add some other maps to cloud ctf too, such as midship or gemini
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    mouse glitch

    thanks for the tip. unsure how to access this on the mac though. guess i'll just deal with it until i get bootcamp up and running.
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    mouse glitch

    Using keyboard/mouse on mac and every now and then the mouse will glitch and not let me look around. Can only look at each extreme either up or down. Quitting and restarting the game doesn't help, I need to reboot the whole system for it to correct itself. Any thoughts on why this happens and...
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    Unban me please

    I saw stub that same day fly hacking and aimbotting on CTF coag...tried to get vid but got booted for inactivity while setting up and couldn't get back into the match.
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    Sigh.... "XxDrako236xX" aimbot

    I had the same experience with this fool but didn't get video... CTF on relic, he was shooting at people and not even facing towards them, just like in the vid
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    (H2H) Sigfried br aimbotting

    Yo is that 10 sensitivity? How you play like that? shit gives me vertigo.
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    Project Cartographer Server & Feedback Survey

    Maybe some new maps for cloud ctf? Kind of getting bored of foundation and lockout. What about beaver creek or even midship? would make for some crazy gameplay. And maybe some sort of fix for controller/mac issues? But maybe the porting team needs to address that? idk. Any way to implement...
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    Controller button mapping issues

    Thanks Big TwEEkx, I've tried this a few times and it doesn't seem to help. Usually if the controller is not plugged in before starting h2, it won't even recognize it without totally rebooting the program... Anyone with wineskin experience that might know the right tweak to make it work?