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    aimbot and rapidfire. :/
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    Sullivan King Flyhack cheater

    50 second mark
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    yairus aimbot

    very interesting
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    Does Cartographer have BXR and BXB?

    Button combos are still there, always have.
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    Help, game crashes (resolved)

    Move xinput dll out of the directory, then create tag, then move xinput dll back to directory when you're done creating tag. Or (not sure) use keyboard with no controller, for that process.
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    Octogon The Ring (UFC Ring)

    thering Halo 2 Map based off of a UFC ring. source:
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    Marathon Open Source

    Hey anz!
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    Help Admin

    Quite a few users with the same issue all at once basically
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    Gamertags? OR are you the same guy from discord
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    No puedo entrar solo nesesito una respuesta

    Is that screenshot from today? If so sync your clock?
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    halo 2 launcher

    Update your game. There is no launcher anymore. Where did you download it at lol
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    How can I change the language of the game to Spanish Latin?

    That's just the Spanish version, you'll need to download and install it. Forgot to mention that. My bad.