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    UI // HUD Improvements [TexMod]

    ITT: TexMod files that modify how the game looks. I'll update this thread if more are added. TexMod Download // Instructions Higher Resolution Rank Icons Sniper Rifle and Beam Rifle Fix Xbox One MCC Prompts
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    This. Plus most people clan up because they suck. Learn to play lol
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    UI Font Mod - Prompts

    Attached is a zip file that will change how the UI button promts look with modified fonts. This mod adds options for Xbox One, DualShock and Keyboard Mouse promts. Xbox One - A, B, X and Y taken from MCC. DualShock - Cross, Circle, Square, Triangle, L1 and R1. Keyboard Mouse - Removes...
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    Conection failed

    The servers are under maintenance. Los servidores están en mantenimiento.
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    Conection failed

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    AI Bot Maps 2020

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    Buy Health Insurance

    am hard now
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    Buy Health Insurance

    he's so right, SO right
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    Buy Health Insurance

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    Buy Health Insurance

    Still a better thread than all those columbians asking to get unbanned.
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    The best player?

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    Hello good afternoon

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    me banearon y no se porque nesesito ayuda

    When you guys ban players can you auto ban them from the forums too IF the cheats are blatant. These guys are literally only spam.
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    Fuck you Joss

    why are you both such faggots?
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    i was banned for team kill

    you're actually retarded, stay banned