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  1. Sod

    Sacred Icon Campaign Mod - UNSC Edition

    Been working on a new campaign mod for Sacred Icon, here are some of the changes and screenshots from the mod so far. Changes: - Player character is now a Marine, - Restored HUD elements for player, - Removed fp hands, kept fp weapons, - Removed flashlight/invisibility, - New enemy and ally...
  2. Sod

    Super ppf tool...

    To test just try and patch a default map with the SPPF patch. Obviously it has to be the default map that it’s made for ie) 01b_spacestation etc
  3. Sod

    Super ppf tool...

    To work the SPPF patcher you need to have a) the default variant of your map (unmodded) and b) the modded/edited version of your map. Just run the SPPF patcher as an admin and put the maps in the correct path areas and hit create SPPF patch. Then all people need to do to apply the patch is for...
  4. Sod

    If you're banned for cheating I cannot help you.

    If you're banned for cheating I cannot help you.
  5. Sod

    screamox02 uptc1 hacking

    After his temper tantrum he might be available, after all, his now ex-wife is on these forums ;) Also, fun fact - bullets fire from the players camera (head) and not the actual gun.
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  7. Sod

    why is there no co op story mode?

    Consider it done, sir
  8. Sod

    why is there no co op story mode?

    What's the hourly rate?
  9. Sod

    sorry :(

    You can only cheat in servers with the name/gametype set as "MODS/CHEATS ALLOWED". You are given multiple warnings not to cheat or hack in online servers.
  10. Sod

    Big TwEEkx I really learned the lesson friend

    Hope the hack gave you ViRuZ
  11. Sod

    Why was I banned.

    No u x2
  12. Sod

    Why was I banned.

    Hack “undetected”, because it isn’t detected via an anti-cheat. Bans are based on video evidence provided by the community. I have no clue what you’re trying to prove? That it’s easy to cheat? No shit. Just as easy to get banned as well. I have no clue how using external apps is an in game...
  13. Sod

    adding evade rolling to a elite mod

    I was only able to perform an evade because it was an AI that I bump possessed. I had no control over whether I evade rolled, it was performed automatically by the AI. I could control where the ai moved and where I fired, but evading was still controlled by the AI.
  14. Sod

    adding evade rolling to a elite mod

    As far as I know, there isn't a way to make the player able to evade/roll the same way the AI does. I know there has been some Halo Custom Edition maps that have enabled it for the player (when playing as Elites) but that would've been done through scripting.
  15. Sod

    Cannot create account through launcher

    You create your account through the in-game menus. -> Create Account -> Enter a username, email and password -> Hit create account.
  16. Sod

    Help? Banned because of my room mate?

    Try contacting a staff member to resolve the ban, they'll be able to look into it.
  17. Sod

    Illegitimate ban

    You wouldn't be banned for team killing, the servers did go down this morning and any accounts created after May 24th 2018 have been deleted. You will need to create a new account in game again.
  18. Sod

    why login say i'm cheater?

    A warning message saying NOT to cheat appears when you log in, are you sure it says that you’re a cheater? What does it say in the top left corner?
  19. Sod

    Hi, need help with switching character model and AI

    I made those media file txt files, you find the character / weapon values in scnr, search "character palette" or "weapon palette"
  20. Sod

    locked live games? status offline?

    Use the networks tab.