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    Somebody bans me on MLG servers without reason AGAIN .. i think this is the third time ... how the hell this happens again? its NOT FUNNY

    Simply post in the discord and message @alen since he owns/manages them. Unless you are ruining the game for others with unacceptable ping or you pissed someone off personally, you probably were just banned like anyone else that tried to join when they were running 8's at night.
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    Controller OP vs mouse -- which settings will close the gap?

    I find that the controller helps with a lot of BR angles and situations. Four-shot, BxR, BxB, and YY are harder on mouse -- A LOT harder. The problem is that I hate the controller and don't want to use it if i don't have to. I started off on 3 sensitivity, 400 dpi, standard(90) FOV, No raw...
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    Can the community flourish despite bad ping and flawed game types?

    I noticed that most of the dedicated servers are running sub par gametypes with oversized player counts. This is very bad for the user experience and makes it less fun for veterans and new users alike. I wonder if there is a fix? Maybe a code of conduct for dedicated servers or perhaps have the...