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  1. Himanshu01

    is there a halo 2 co-op mod?

    The mod is not actually worth playing in the state it is.Pretty much no one has progressed with it in these years
  2. Himanshu01

    [NEW MAP] Boardingaction

    Finally a decent map got released Cant wait to play Zombies in it
  3. Himanshu01

    What are some ways to make this game less laggy on my laptop?

    1.What resolution you are playing? 2.Level of Detail and other settings There isnt much of fancy stuffs in the game As you have mentioned your computer is old.Try these settings A. Right Click on your Halo 2 shotcut, go to properties and Click on the option: "Run in 640×480" (i dont...
  4. Himanshu01

    [DLR$] Wukong aimbot

    Abusing the Mouse Controller glitch as well
  5. Himanshu01

    How and where do I install Assembly and other H2EK tools?

    Both way works Since you have already made the backups , you can edit maps without Halo 2 running Then use Save to make changes permanent(Only works with Halo 2 not running) As for realtime editing with halo 2 opened, make the desired changes and Hit Poke button(Make sure halo 2 is running)...
  6. Himanshu01

    How and where do I install Assembly and other H2EK tools?

    Installing in default direcorry shouldnt create problem but if you want to install it in desktop,go for it
  7. Himanshu01

    Game maxing out GPU at points

    Hey there Considering you are facing this issue is because of very high framerates You will need to limit your fps to 60 ,check the ingame fps limiter in Catographer Settings If it doesnt work try these [ How can I eliminate game stuttering / input lag? Try any combination of these options...
  8. Himanshu01

    Fps Issue

    Even with the yesterdays Rollback update 0.5.1 ?
  9. Himanshu01

    how to mute voice chat in games /v0.5 Update

    An hotfix update is on the way to add bug fixes and GUI support fot Voice As for now your only option is to disable voice chat entirely from settings
  10. Himanshu01

    Hosting a Private / Custom Server Guide

    You should wait for 0.5
  11. Himanshu01

    Erick8652 Aimbot

    Clearly not Aimbot
  12. Himanshu01

    Co -op Mode

    Tbh i dont even know that was long I had created a newer version of this post though Try this trainer
  13. Himanshu01

    Lobby Size?

    Yeaa it does When in pregame Lobby Go to Quick Options and Change Max Active Players
  14. Himanshu01

    Co -op Mode

    Go here for temporary play
  15. Himanshu01

    Help! "You can't join this party. Please wait a moment and try again later" Can't join any servers.

    Restart the mobile (or Airplane Mode)and reconnect the mobile data This should refresh your public ip It works on my end so i hope it works for you
  16. Himanshu01

    "Failed To Load Map" Help

    What map is it? Also not able to join servers is a kind of common problem Try restarting your internet modem and pc to refresh your public ip
  17. Himanshu01

    pinzoneitor1 Rapid Fire

    Clearly not lag Hes auto firing
  18. Himanshu01

    The Problem(s) with Project Cartographer

    I dont see any of the problems Project cartographer introduced or caused.BR users tend to use double shot which isnt a hack but a glitch in the orignal game instead Nevertheless we are trying to fix the hit sync as much possible >Sword not working Yea u can blame high ping for that And no this...
  19. Himanshu01

    locked live games? status offline?

    You need to create an account ingame with aa valid email verification and signin to play online
  20. Himanshu01

    Logging in troubles

    Well the launcher is now obselete You dont need to login via a launcher rather you need to create the account from ingame Follow this Also try with your old email first and see if it works