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  1. MrEWhite

    Once In A Lifetime?!?

    I think OP is on meth.
  2. MrEWhite

    Project Cartographer 0.6 Update Thread

    This might be your internet or your ping to the server, it can't be THAT bad.
  3. MrEWhite

    Project Cartographer 0.6 Update Thread

    The uncapped option is pretty stuttery compared to the regular 60, even when holding a solid 162 FPS (my FPS cap).
  4. MrEWhite

    My Honest Opinion

    what the fuck is this thread
  5. MrEWhite

    Weird artifacting when in 4K resolution

    That's just how the game looks at 4k, nothing wrong with it.
  6. MrEWhite

    I was banned for using a volocity hack I've come to apologize

    If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
  7. MrEWhite

    Is there any fix for missing trees in the game which doesn't require using xliveless

    Shader Override is pinned in the #help channel of the Halo 2 PC discord, but there's no other way to fix it to my knowledge without Project Cartographer or Shader Override.
  8. MrEWhite

    [LOH]umpalumpa, umpalumpa - modified values?

    Even if the Asus software did anything, you noticed it and continued to use it.
  9. MrEWhite

    [LOH]umpalumpa, umpalumpa - modified values?

    This the worst lie I have heard in the history of bad reasons for cheating.
  10. MrEWhite

    How to fix anti-aliasing on Nvidia cards (without HALO2ShaderOverride)

    It shouldn't add any input lag as long as you're not dropping below 60.
  11. MrEWhite

    How to fix anti-aliasing on Nvidia cards (without HALO2ShaderOverride)

    A common issue with Halo 2 Vista is how on modern Nvidia cards, the anti-aliasing causes white lines on the map. HALO2ShaderOverride fixes this, but causes other issues by breaking transparent object shaders. This fixes the white lines without breaking anything else along with providing higher...
  12. MrEWhite

    Remastered MK.2

  13. MrEWhite

    Halo 2 High Resolution/Frame Rate Thread

    The font fix works if I'm not in borderless windowed mode, but the second I turn on borderless windowed, the kill feed disappears.