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  1. FatalBlueScreen

    I was banned right at the moment I said I was no longer going to use hacks and I already deleted the hacks

    You can't blame the community for being "toxic" when you're the one that spams the lobbies using hacks. And yes, you're not going to get unbanned, all you can do for now is wait for MCC PC. SPOILER: If you hack on a MCC PC game, you may get banned from there too, and you will waste your money...
  2. FatalBlueScreen

    Banshee hacks (?)

    That's normal for a skilled banshee pilot. You can do all those tricks with mouse and a combination of boost and flips. Ofc they must be moving the mouse like crazy, it is hard but is possible with few practice.
  3. FatalBlueScreen

    me banearon sin motivo alguno

    Bueno, pero primero necesitamos que nos digas tu cuenta real, o alguna otra que hayas tenido, la que nos mencionas ni siquiera está registrada o confirmada.
  4. FatalBlueScreen

    me banearon sin motivo alguno

    te banearon por hpta hack, salu2
  5. FatalBlueScreen

    que paso??

    cual es el nombre de la cuenta con la que intentas acceder?
  6. FatalBlueScreen

    Help Admin

    this guy was caught aimbotting
  7. FatalBlueScreen

    Help Admin

    Account name?
  8. FatalBlueScreen

    intenta usando el "Xbox360Controller Emulator" Te dejo un link...

    intenta usando el "Xbox360Controller Emulator" Te dejo un link Se extrae los archivos dentro de la carpeta de Halo 2 Toca moverle a archivo "xbox360cemu.ini" para configurarlo. Y para probar los ajustes sin abrir el juego lo pruebas...
  9. FatalBlueScreen

    Baneado por usar mando

    No te banearon por usar mando, te banearon por usar rapidfire. Salu2
  10. FatalBlueScreen

    Possible Aimbotter : Trinity

    That screenshot says nothing. 67% is not impossible to reach. We need a recorded video (no lag, at least 30fps, uploaded to youtube) to check if the player is cheating or not.
  11. FatalBlueScreen

    I can finally make this post :/ tell us the truth
  12. FatalBlueScreen

    whenever i go online, my weapons shoot x2 bullets

    it smells like Asus thingy
  13. FatalBlueScreen

    ToP-NARCIS-jG Rapidfire

    6:45 lol wtf
  14. FatalBlueScreen

    gwim aimbot on snipers server

    ideathsniper reporting someone else
  15. FatalBlueScreen

    STM Boyka aimbot?

  16. FatalBlueScreen

    [H2H]BELJO Hacking Macro

  17. FatalBlueScreen

    Whited42 aimbot

    need more proof .. .. and more fps.
  18. FatalBlueScreen

    Help Me! :(

    que sad