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    There have been two users so far that have reported issues with not being able to sign in to their cartographer account in-game as well as not being able to load the official site At this time, we are not sure yet what the cause of this issue is, however I suspect it...
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    Exodus: A Halo 2 PC Competitive Quadtage

    Gameplay by: Xer, UncutFighter, Driven, Steel Pulse Editing: VA BlackHawk
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    Viewmodel FOV

    If you mean the arms sticking out for the viewmodel part, it's been noted and is a feature request. As far as a slider goes, that's currently the best we can get it for an in-game GUI, however if you would like a download link to a 3rd party external tool that is a slider, I can give you a...
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    Download without a disc?

    That is a file download, does not need a disk. Even if you use an ISO, it's a vitrual disk, not needing a physical disk drive on the PC.
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    No confirmation!

    Check you spam folder, if it does not show up there, give us the name of the account you created.
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    What is the name of the account(s) that you made?
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    (Almost) No Sound in the Game

    Here is a tutorial showing how to fix sound for Linux
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    This is because it is a server. The servers on the list use settings in which the server owner chooses.
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    Which Key on KB/M Cycles Through Active Players?

    Yes, this is a known issue. Since it's A on controller it should be something like space or even "a" on KB but it's clearly not. It's something we should add in eventually, but we are aware of it.
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    To people who asked to be unbanned

    To people who asked to be unbanned: You get a warning every time you launch and sign in to the game. This project is made to provide online multiplayer services and support for Halo 2 PC. It's for people to enjoy and have fun on. When you hack, you are outright choosing to manipulate the game...
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    Halo 2 Project Cartographer : Suggestions

    I can tell you we plan ranks sometime within this 0.5 update in a hotfix as noted in our patchnotes. As to when is to be determained but ranks and stats are noted as something that people want. Thank you for playing and glad you are enjoying it!
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    Download issue

    You should see a prompt pop up asking you to download the map or to cancel. Clicking cancel will back you out to the main menu.
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    Update Feedback / Comment thread

    Personally not having any real issues. Game seems overall crisper as far as connection and BR battles go. Only issue I've noticed is my mouse was flickering when moving on the main menu but that may have been a one time thing.
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    New update 2019 FPS issue

    Follow the instructions in this thread. Specifically step 3
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    Halo 2 crash when starting

    Could you please go to your crash dump folder, and zip the files then upload them? C:\Users\Documents\halo2_crash_reports
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    Halo 2 PC Optimization Guide for FPS

    Halo 2 PC Optimization Guide A guide for fixing FPS issues The following steps are for fixing FPS issues AFTER the usual steps you would use such as lowering resolution and quality details as well as updating drivers Step 1: If using Windows 10, right click the taskbar and select “Taskbar...
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    You're not suppose to extract the data.bin, you simply run the h2pcsetup.exe within the same location as that .bin file.
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    When is rank icons getting added

    Well, I don't know about that, there were tons of other things that needed to be done first. However, we do plan to have ranks sometime within this 0.5 version we are currently on. So keep an eye out for it in a hotfix update.