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  1. Big TwEEkx

    "KILLER ALEXIS" rapidfire banned
  2. Big TwEEkx

    DarkDavid [XBX]

    Doubleshot without YY animation, cheating. Ban
  3. Big TwEEkx

    Project Cartographer v0.5.3.0 Update and Changelog

    I hope you all are enjoying your day. Since the 0.5 update we have had so much feedback about switching from the LAN netcode to the LIVE netcode. Reactions to the change have been mixed we decided to let both lists be available for use. With this update both lists are available for use and...
  4. Big TwEEkx

    Project Cartographer v0.5.2.1 Update and Changelog

    . Force Refresh Rate Saves and forces a selected refresh rate from the Carto settings menu on startup Save mouse/controller sensitivity Saves the value last inputed into the console and pokes it on...
  5. Big TwEEkx

    Update Feedback / Comment thread

    Please post all comments, concerns, issues, etc about this update here. We are especially interested in comments regarding connectivity, gameplay stability, lag, shot registration, blue screens, etc. Thanks
  6. Big TwEEkx

    Project Cartographer v0.5.2.0 Update and Changelog

    Hello everyone! Thank you all for being so patient with us while we fixed up some of the issues we had with the initial release of 0.5. With the exception of voice chat, we are happy to release most of our new features Note: Please use the ONLINE option in the main menu to find games and...
  7. Big TwEEkx

    Voice Chat Thread ( Update)

    Cartographer update introduces voice chat. This is still a work in progress and many features still need to be added. Currently, there is no way to mute individual players, and there are no GUI settings for voice chat. All you can do is disable voice chat via the Cartographer settings...
  8. Big TwEEkx

    Project Cartographer Update : v0.5 Changelog

    **Please NOTE: We plan a hot-fix update soon™ that will contain more features like Stats, Ranks, LAN support, GUI options for muting voice chat, Extra game settings with things like original Halo 2 super bouncing options and several other goodies we don't want to let out just yet!** LIVE List...
  9. Big TwEEkx

    Halo 2 Saved Game Profiles and Variants Transfer

    Halo 2 encrypts all profiles and saves that it generates, and it is based on the Windows profile. This makes it difficult to transfer your saves to another computer, or even use them after reinstalling Windows. All future Cartographer updates will have this encryption disabled ( still...
  10. Big TwEEkx

    Custom Map Thread

    Halo 2 supports custom maps (and automatic downloading of those maps!) Custom Map Folder: %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Halo 2/Maps Place all custom maps here (there is a 50 active map limit) Alternatively you can download the Custom Map Adder...
  11. Big TwEEkx

    Hosting a Private / Custom Server Guide

    As of update, UPnP is now enabled in the Project. This means that you don't need to port forward in order to host games. Note, this requires UPnP support in your router/gateway. If you try hosting and no one sees your game, you will most likely need to port forward. The host needs to...
  12. Big TwEEkx

    'OLDMAN' hack

    for the watch
  13. Big TwEEkx

    "PeluZza Pc" hack banned
  14. Big TwEEkx

    kris topete hacks

    how do i quickscope
  15. Big TwEEkx

    "[H2H]Lualpiro" aimbot

  16. Big TwEEkx

    davidsonr hacker

  17. Big TwEEkx

    "Wandis777" hacking

  18. Big TwEEkx

    MEKKIfarouk hacker

  19. Big TwEEkx

    Carlos129 much hack

  20. Big TwEEkx

    "ToeCrack" aimbot

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