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  1. Big TwEEkx

    My account is banned

    trial by combat
  2. Big TwEEkx

    Controller Button Map Changes Mid Game

    turn on the controller before starting halo 2
  3. Big TwEEkx

    Boundingplace Sideshooting

  4. Big TwEEkx

    HypnoX aimbot 3v1 and teammates calling him out

    In the future use Window Capture not Desktop Capture for OBS.
  5. Big TwEEkx

    covenant tank firing with rifle

    need a name please. and video
  6. Big TwEEkx

    Can't get verification Email

    Check your spam folder
  7. Big TwEEkx

    MythicStormsHN aimbot

    banned thank you
  8. Big TwEEkx

    yohansteven243 FlyHack

    banned thank you
  9. Big TwEEkx

    No e-mail [SOLVED]

    try logging in again
  10. Big TwEEkx

    disabled3dex does not work in the new update

    Its disabled by default. Were you able to play with -disabled3dex in the previous update? Upload the crash log please
  11. Big TwEEkx

    Oh great.

    Send crash logs please. They're in %localappdata/Microsoft/Halo 2
  12. Big TwEEkx

    Getting kicked out of a public lobby after 1min

    it's probably the server tool fucking up
  13. Big TwEEkx


    Known issue. Commands are messed up in this update.
  14. Big TwEEkx

    Really bad performance

    Can you post more detailed specs please? Pentiums have been around for almost 2 decades so I dont really know what you have. Also, have you tried turning the fps limiter on or off?
  15. Big TwEEkx

    Is WASD possible?

    WASD is the default. Try making a new profile
  16. Big TwEEkx

    Halo 2, Advice on downloading the game?/And will it work with a "cracked" version of the game.

    Ideally, uninstall everything you have related to Halo 2 and install the full game + installer from our site. You can try to just download the cartographer mod installer and it will update your installed game:
  17. Big TwEEkx

    XBOX One controller ?

    Does it work in the menu?
  18. Big TwEEkx

    halo 2 guest666