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  1. Big TwEEkx

    Blue Trainer Remix marked as malicious by anti-virus

    Your ISP is blocking the download
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    Halo 2 Project Cartographer : Suggestions

    Blastacular pack exists as mediocre custom maps. Check the repo Zombies / infection exists and it's based on slayer gametype To be honest, unless you make these changes yourself, I wouldn't expect much at this point in time. Our focus is fixing the netcode for the time being, and we have...
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    Convert Halo 2 Xbox gametypes to Halo 2 Vista gametypes

    Wow this is really cool, didn't know this was possible. I can probably write a shitty C# app that can do this. You should share your favorite gametypes too :). I remember having a slayer variant that spawned 4 tanks on coag, that was fun
  4. Big TwEEkx

    I'm sorry I cheated

    At the time, banning accounts was easier. We has an anticheat one update in the past; it prevented any program from accessing halo2.exe, it was great. That also meant no streaming/recording/overlays. We are in the process of refining our anticheat
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    JefeMaestro2716 RapidFire

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    Good tidings my dudes

    Sorry OP, you dont get second chances, especially when caught name hacking
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    Good tidings my dudes

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    Hackers Albriliu and Wing-Zero

    Both are banned, thank you
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    "Chat, Challenge, Message your friends ... in the guide"

    Remnant. Not being worked on in any capacity at this time
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    Good tidings my dudes

    After login, there is a warning that pops up. That's all I have to say
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    How Update 5.0 Didn't Improve

    We are aware of all these issues and are working on a fix. We appreciate your patience.
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    Voice chat is so fucking toxic
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    Voice Chat Thread ( Update)

    Cartographer update introduces voice chat. This is still a work in progress and many features still need to be added. Currently, there is no way to mute individual players, and there are no GUI settings for voice chat. All you can do is disable voice chat via the Cartographer settings...
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    Project Cartographer Update : v0.5 Changelog

    **Please NOTE: We plan a hot-fix update soon™ that will contain more features like Stats, Ranks, LAN support, GUI options for muting voice chat, Extra game settings with things like original Halo 2 super bouncing options and several other goodies we don't want to let out just yet!** LIVE List...
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    Hack ... [Clow]Mr Zameg

    Sorry, there is no indication of a modded game lobby in the first video. That is why you are banned.
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    Ritcher hacking

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    "Video removed by user" ??
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    How would you figure out if someone is using an aimbot?

    look at the reports section