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  1. nowheredan27

    Firefight / MP Bots

    Is there a way to play Firefight maps or at least bot matches in this?
  2. nowheredan27

    1366x768 fullscreen/get rid of the mouse cursor

    I'm playing on a notebook. That being said, is it possible to force the game to run in 1366x768 fullscreen? Also, can I get rid of the mouse completely since I play with a 360 controller? It keeps appearing right back in the middle of the screen from time to time, pretty annoying. EDIT - I've...
  3. nowheredan27

    Hello there, lads

    Amazing project you have here, people. I don't have many nostalgic memories about the original Halo games, but this is by far my favorite iteration of the series so far. Looking forward to playing with you guys in the future.