About Battle Rifles

May 9, 2018
I feel as though Battle Rifles have made the game feel dull. Why? Battle rifles are used for nearly every single encounter in the game for those of us who love 8 vs 8.

As of now it doesn't seem possible to host a game, and I don't enjoy FFA, so this leaves people like me with games that are just Battle Rifle fests.

I would love for a server of 8 vs 8 where the playlist doesn't include Battle Rifles as the starting weapon, and I would especially love "quirky" game modes of 8 vs 8 where we all start with random weapons on midship (for example).

Just my two cents. I love Project Cartographer and the work that is being done, and I am not saying that everyone should desire what I want. If you love 8 vs 8 and the Battle Rifle combat than I am happy for you, but I am just saying I wish there was more diversity in the game modes for those of us that really enjoy 8 vs 8.