(H2H) Sigfried br aimbotting

Mar 22, 2013
im just trying to chill and just have fun playing with mk and i get this, i follow this kid from another servers, australia ffa on midship when i play with him and other people i get some kills, the other people just quit and i play with this kid some like 1v1 on that ffa server, he cant kill me with br on 5 or 8 kills and he goes afk, and suddenly BOOM, shit movement aiming to me with , perfect br and im just going afk and for trying to start recording that bullshit, i say something like "lmao why you put on your aimbot", and he leaves the server ( he was using another gt but with the same "Sigfried" BxRxSigfried or something like that) he changes to this gt H2H Sigfried and joins to clouds ctf on lockout, but same emblem same colors.. he just change his gt, i join to the server and i get the same aimbot gameplay from this guy, i say to him "put it off if you dont want to get reported", he leaves the game AGAIN, and finally he joins to clouds ctf on foundation and i decided to start recording ...he absolute NEVER get a sniper shot, just close range br with this weird aim and on this video you can see him

6:00 to 6:23 you can see the abuse of that, i say to him i recorded that and he leaves the game again, this video is a full gameplay of that, btw you can see the weird br shots from him everytime, check the full gameplay if you want or just see that weird clip, he leaves the server at 7:20.