Halo 2 Custom Theme for Discord

May 29, 2015
UF ShadowTeddy

Introducing the Halo 2 Discord Redesign. A Custom Theme for Discord.
This theme requires Better Discord in order to work.
Better Discord Download

This is the definitive edition of the Halo 2 Discord theme that I've been working sporadically on for a while now. As I got closer to finishing the theme off I felt that a release would be most appropriate. Screenshots of the theme will be included in this post, and I will be releasing an extra version of the theme.

Familiar, Yet new.
With an overhauled GUI + new animations, Enjoy using Discord with extra easy to read UI elements while appreciating the raw simplicity that Discord has to offer.

Fully 100% Customized elements.
Nothing has been left untouched. Everything has been edited, from debug menus to account settings & even the CSS editor.

An overhauled editor.
With an editor that has been meticulously edited to please the eyes while coding, explore the true meaning of a "Pretty printer".

Customized loading animations.
Instead of the standard loading bricks that discord uses, Discord now uses a loading animation that is incredibly clean and has a slim profile.

A new style of embed.
With a newer embed style, enjoy watching videos, opening gifs and images within discord with less chances of crashing*

Re-vamped Status Picker.
A new status picker redesigned means being able to change your discord status with ease.

A darkened edition.
For those who want a change of pace, those people can now utilise the Darkened Halo 2 theme.

*May vary from user-user/content displayed.


The download links for both themes are at the bottom of this forum post.


BetterDiscord Installation steps:

Download the files that I linked above
Extract em like so:

Then go into the folder titled: "BD0.2.82Windows" and you should be presented with the following files:

Launch "BetterDiscordWI.exe" and follow the installation steps:

(If restart after installation is not checked, ensure that is checked.)
And that's pretty much it in regards to installing better discord

Using the theme
Whatever theme you download, they all go to the same directory (Must be extracted first!):
C:/Users/<usernamegoeshere>/App Data/Roaming/BetterDiscord/themes/

Proceed to open Discord (or if you moved either Halo 2.theme.css/Halo 2-dark.theme.css into the themes directory while discord is running, press Ctrl + R) and wait for Better Discord to fully initialise. Once that's done go into the settings menu of discord, and access the Better Discord section

Configure BetterDiscord to your liking, then move onto the Theme's tab

If done correctly, the theme(s) should show up in the theme's menu + be available for selection. Check the enabled checkbox to turn the theme on (and turn it off)
This can sometimes be buggy, if you turn the theme off and you can still see it, press ctrl + R to restart discord. Alternatively, if the themes do not show up in this menu, ensure that they are in the correct locations (C:/Users/<usernamegoeshere>/App Data/Roaming/BetterDiscord/themes) and proceed to restart discord by way of keyboard command (CTRL + R)

If you have any issues, or would like to contact me, either PM me on the forums or send me a DM on discord: UF ShadowTeddy#0538

Gallery (The following images are very large):
[tabs][tabs: Normal Edition]

[tabs: Darkened Edition]

[tabs: Credits]

    • Conflict – Getting me into Discord Modding/Theme Creating + just being an all-round hilarious guy. Seriously dude, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be getting myself into this and making 2 badass themes.
    • Supersniper – Being Super. There’s not really much I can say here :p
    • UF Beazt – Sole reason why the darkened edition of the Halo 2 theme exists. If you never sent me those modified images of Master Chief that I used for the theme, the dark edition would never exist bud.
    • Desert Shark – Making me laugh so much during the theme’s creation (and discussing the theme’s coloring/etc) Creating this theme was a pain, and you made it easy. Enjoy your badass theme I made for you dude.
    • UncutFighter – The G.O.A.T fornicator. (Disclaimer: Uncut does not have intercourse with goats. This is just an inside joke we have among us.)
    • Headhunt3rv3 – DING DONG BANNU MOTHAFUCKAH!!
    • (SBB) Storm - Letting me screen the theme in his discord server :)
    • TheChunkierBean - #Showcasei01 :laugh:
    • No1dead - Being a badass like usual. :cool:
    • YOU for using the theme!
      And finally:

      UF ShadowTeddy – For making the damn theme. Congratz to the best teddy bear in existence!
  • ^~^


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