Hi and Stuff

Apr 6, 2020
yo! how do you do?

Hi, my name is pika and I'm a recovering Halo 2 addict. bit of a joke, but in all realness, there was like a year or so as a teenager that i was literally addicted to playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live. Back in the day, my gamertag was: killer J00 ( then later i made another: the killer J00 )

I love the multiplayer of the Bungie Halo games with an intense passion. They set my heart on fire and I've probably played them well over 100 hours in my lifetime. I also am in love with modding Halo 1 & 2. I plan to hack my 360 in the future so I can finally dive into modding Halo 3 and Reach.

I'm ultra pleased with the Project Cartographer community and experience. I've had SO much fun in these recent years with its revival.


The following videos were captured by pointing a camera at a splitscreen game on a CRT, so it's not the best viewing experience, but these are examples of the Halo 2 mods I crafted.

Rooster Teeth MN - Modded Colossus [Part 1] -

Rooster Teeth MN - Modded Colossus [Part 2] -