In Game Screen Name

Jan 12, 2019
Richland, Washington
I mentioned this to General 101 in the help thread on discord a few weeks ago. My idea was that even though you have an account name that would typically display in game when you play Cartographer that you could instead use a different screen name like for example the name found on the local user profiles when you open up the game. I.e. you sign into cartographer and then you select your player model and you could use that player model name in a server. I know that halo 1 pc handled name collisions just fine because it had no problems with having a ton of people in a server with the default name New001--I'm pretty sure it would just change the number on the end to reflect the order that people joined. So I'm curious why this couldn't be done in Halo 2 V, other than if trying to do something like that would have unintentional consequences. I could foresee an issue if the character limit for the name is exceeded when you need to concatenate an extra number on the end if there was a name collision--in which case maybe replace the last character with a number to create the separation -- I imagine that even if the names were displayed the same it wouldn't matter though as long as each person has there own unique token for the server. My main reason for wanting this is actually that I want to have a shorter display name in game i.e. : Gore, rather than divine1gore -- but Gore is taken by someone that I have never seen online or in game ever lol. This is a want not a need so it ain't a big deal if it ain't gonna happen : P