Project Cartographer: Dev Preview


The lost soul
Project Cartographer Staff
Feb 14, 2013
Hey all,
Anyone currently interested in helping test out new features before they are released publicly please post here to participate. We will be releasing updates to these select group of people to help us find bugs, add suggestions and feedback, and just have fun in the development of Project Cartographer. With a community's combined help we can make this project 10 times better. So if you are interested let us know by posting your discord username so we can add you to the special group to have access to the specific channels in discord.

As always, please do not leak any beta builds of Project Cartographer. This is incredibly detrimental to the team and our development. You won't be helping anyone too.

Current Testing Features
  • Account login and registration
    Register at:
  • New H2Online launcher
  • Access to a separate text channel in discord (which is hidden to other members)
  • Reworked network system (backend server optimization)
  • Zombie (Infection) variant testing (mainly auto team switching)

Current roster of people with the Dev Preview Access:
  1. (SBB) Storm
  2. (SBB) Xander
  3. AnonFriction
  4. CrayCray
  5. Caboose3146
  6. FreshMilk
  7. Gonza7200
  8. mihirgates
  9. Mr.Boring.Com
  10. No1dead
  11. Paco (Hustler One)
  12. Pain Sherman
  13. Proty
  14. ShauningtoN
  15. SpartanB37
  16. UF Beazt
  17. ZᵀO


Project Cartographer Staff
Nov 29, 2013
Infection / zombie update:

Hey guys, we are able to get auto team switch and weapon assignments working in Halo 2.

Humans are on red team and the player bipeds are Spartans (this is automatically determined). Zombies are green team and their player models are Elites. In the future, they’ll be Flood combat forms

When a human becomes infected, they are autoswitched to green team and are forced to use the energy sword.

In the future we’ll have automatic Alpha Zombie determination and more weapon choices.

A few steps closer to complete Infection

Here’s a recording: