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Dear BigTwEEx
a mesage shows and it writes that i have insufficient identification why that
id like to add that i dont use hacks and i dont know how to fix it cause im not good at computers staff also the message said to tell this to one of the admins to verify the pc so i could use some help
Broo, I'm friends with Yefer:0, you banned him today, he says he wants to play again that he won't use the hacks anymore, he just sucked him out of curiosity, if you can give him a second chance
For a few months I have had a legend that says that I am banned and I do not understand why? I have never used hacks or mods or cheats, my gamertag is boundingplace, I hope and they can give me a solution
Halo CE & Halo2 fanboy.
Gamer-Tag =AmarD
Usually plays mediocre; lame reflexes & high ping to blame.
I heard a chant that I was mesmerized by in a online video clip. I searched; & stumbled across the soundtrack of Halo. Thus began my great journey into an expansive universe that has captivated me beyond measure. Now, Proj. Cartographer has made me appreciate the intricacies involved in creating & maintaining games.
alguien de los admins que me ayude ya que intento ingrasar en mi cuenta y aparece (an internal error has occurred. we've probably noticed this already but contact an admin if this persists no e hecho trampa ni nada, alguien que me ayude
Estoy creando mapas para el multijugador de Halo 2 Project Cartographer
jhonatan garcia
tengo un problema sera que utt me podria ayudar me diece "no engañar"
hello i am playing halo 2 project cartographer but there is no sound at all just when i launch the game small time loading screen and when the loading screen is over there is no sound help me please