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Halo 2 and Doom 3 were my first video games, i played them with my dad when i was about 3/4 (he was a games developer for a company called gamevial so he needed to stay up to date with popular videogames). I don't remeber much about doom 3 however I have vivid memories of playing halo 2.
Hi, is there a chance for me to be unban from the game please? it's been a long time now, more than 6 month I think :/
hello I need your help I'm really very sad bored and desperate seriously I know that you can help me the truth I'm very sorry for having used hack but it was only once and I really regret it so sorry I regret but seriously I would like to play again Halo please help me I'm too sick and my life does not make sense :( I apologize to you and all the halo players seriously I'm very sorry
Hi Sod! How can I change my character in H2 into a ai, with full animations like your video on youtube called Sod vs gruntapokalyps. You said you controlled a elite ai but still with scripts (diving from grenades and evades), please help me do that. :)
Carnal que tranza no mames que pedo :v

Como inicio un host Coop mod? hago lo que dice en tus instrucciones y a mi amigo no le sale nada de mi partida :,c
Hello im am dereck and i dont know why the game administrator banned me because i didnt use hacls and i dont know why they banned me and is mi first time getting banned pls help me
Well so i guess that i get unbanned
What's up everyone, I'm new to this and VERY new to PC gaming. I am starting to stream on twitch so be sure to stop by. Grew up on this game and I'm really hyped to be able to play online again. :)