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    To people who asked to be unbanned

    Hello Mr Project Cartographer, I was banned today while in the ctf of the clouds. I did not like the other team winning so i decided to lead my team to victory by making my spartan do the jump of the super. i did not think el jefe tweek would get angered by this action but he el hammer de ban...
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    Hack report Desert

    this is the link you dingleberry also not a hack youre just bad
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    Mr. Guatemala hacking

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    HGalo2.exe System Error Fix

    check in discord for the ts3server files
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    RoqueAlfa hacking

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    Spectra464 Banned :v

    BIRI banned bitch :v
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    Joss hacking :v

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    Te ha matado BrayanJr7

    I played with you before, you captured the flag with such precision. I'll follow you anywhere
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    Suggestion: A Big Team Battle server

    espada porvavor
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    Te ha matado BrayanJr7

    this was the best hacker recording ever. I think I'm dying now
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    Suggestion: A Big Team Battle server

    what if I know you as sometimes juan? then what??
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    Red Shot Speedhack

    I wish I saw everything coming up to this :vvvvvvvvv
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    [MLA]KiNgKilleR hacking :v

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    AANG Banshee Speedhacking on public Coagulation CTF server

    thats not a hack, that is something you can do if you are skilled in the banshee curriculum