1. Felipro86

    list of achievements as it was in live

    Saludos cordiales a la comunidad H2 PC y a los desarrolladores del proyecto. Bueno, he pensado en una idea que mejoraría la experiencia del jugador, que es implementar una lista de logros dentro del juego como estaba antes en Live, sí, sé que hay logros dentro del juego, pero estos no se ubican...
  2. A

    Unlocking Halo 2 Achievements on Cartographer

    Hi guys! I'm new to the forum and i was wondering, can I still unlock the multiplayer achievements for Halo 2 PC? I have all the singleplayer achievements, but I'm missing some of the multiplayer achievements. Any help is appreceiated!
  3. W

    H2 Vista achievements possible with Project Cartographer?

    I've been loving project cartographer and the accessibility is fantastic. Recently, I got an urge to get the remaining multiplayer achievements left on H2 (the gfwl version). I have my old physical copy, but my pc doesn't have a disc drive and I'd rather not have to go buy an external drive...