1. H

    Aimbot Sniper

  2. screamox02


  3. funnybunny666

    A Smple Twig aimbot hack

    this was yesterday in Objective 3 server, Alley Brawl game mode
  4. Wattson

    Just in case....

    Accused of hacking yet again, so here is proof just in case.
  5. Schizo


    I have a few videos in which I thought I caught a few aimbotters, though I wouldn't say it's concrete. Someone else would have to take a look. Their names are col_hacker (suspicious name if I've ever heard one >.>) and fullmetal1445. I think that they both had aimbots that they toggled on and...
  6. FatalBlueScreen

    "Schxzo" rapidfiring-aimboting

    Username: Schxzo Server: H2X LockShip
  7. V

    my brother used to hack with my profile

    Ayer mi hermano descargó un truco y yo asumo la responsabilidad, ya que él no imaginaba que eso causaría una prohibición permanente del juego, él solo tiene 14 años, sin embargo le expliqué y aclaré lo que causó, y le aseguro tú que no volverás a pasar, además que provocó rechazo y repudio por...
  8. Erick8652

    MCs dubdub, JKdoubles, TWIN.ONE

    MCs dubdub, JKdoubles, TWIN.ONE