ban apeal

  1. D

    I was banned right at the moment I said I was no longer going to use hacks and I already deleted the hacks

    Excuse me little bright community, sorry for using hacks I just wanted to entertain a while, I already deleted my hacks and I will never use them again My account name is: D Flog flag I'm sorry for all those frustrated players who despair killing again and again, that's why I apologize I'm sorry...
  2. A


    Hello, this post is to apologize to the entire halo group on behalf of the accounts with the Id. wing-zero Albriliu Krampus. Since due to previous events we use the use of hacks which we are very sorry and too sad, the truth we are supremely sorry for having used it and only once and only once...
  3. sev

    there is an administrator to help me

    I already wrote many things. I just want to play halo 2 again, I want another chance, I regret my actions, my intention was never to ruin the game experience to anyone, I just want to play again and if I were a simple hacker I would not even waste time begging anyone, just I want to play again...
  4. starcorn35

    I Take Full responsibility for my actions.

    I've had a wonderful 2 months on the project, I know, I know I shouldn't have used "aimbot", and it gave me a huge unfair advantage and I was a complete and total idiot, and I take responsibility for that. Now knowing that Halo 2 was back I fliped, but I was an idiot I shouldn't have used hacks...
  5. Diego11

    i apologize

    i apologize ..the acounnt is diegoreach2000, only once was i very sorry,im good at FFA but yesterday i had a bad day. and im " Diego," im old xbox player pc is very different from xbox,my double shots and combos do not come out so easy