1. UnTalMoK7u7

    Unban request

    Hi, how's your day going? You see, I have a ban as you may have noticed, and although I know that using cheats is an abuse, I used it to counteract the abuse of other players by not wanting to go down. I know it may sound like an invalid and very childish argument, I just had a bad day. I would...
  2. R

    Why am i still banned?

    guys what should i do to get unbanned? its been a month now
  3. P

    Banning players who say offensive things in game chat

    Is it possible to ban certain players for spamming inappropriate and vulgar language in chat? Sounds like I'm whining but it's annoying and ruins the experience for everyone. For example this kid Hell Joker, who spammed profanities all game. No one wants to deal with that crap. Thanks
  4. Erick8652

    MCs dubdub, JKdoubles, TWIN.ONE

    MCs dubdub, JKdoubles, TWIN.ONE
  5. starcorn35

    ban appeal

    Hello to the staff on the project i'm sorry for my actions and i'm well aware am i perma banned or is it temporary? i can wait just let me know also I closed my account by accident. I promise that i will not do it again. Please give me one more chance. -starcorn35 Username: starcorn35
  6. C

    Baneado por ayudar!

    Hola. Necesito saber porque me han baneado, aqui va mi historia: Estaba feliz, jugando Halo 2. Pero de pronto un amigo que estaba instalando Halo 2 por primera vez, me dijo que estaba baneado, entonces yo le dije "a de ser por un error al instalar, prestame tu cuenta y veo si puedo abrirla...