1. UnTalMoK7u7

    Unban request

    Hi, how's your day going? You see, I have a ban as you may have noticed, and although I know that using cheats is an abuse, I used it to counteract the abuse of other players by not wanting to go down. I know it may sound like an invalid and very childish argument, I just had a bad day. I would...
  2. Classic Player

    Troubleshooting problems relating to new update

    Updated: November 24, 2020 Note: This thread is NOT for criticizing the update, but for finding solutions. Hey. I have noticed that I and others have had some issues running or even playing Halo after the new update. Although there are some threads/posts out there, I thought it would better...
  3. I

    ban unjustified

    Hello, my username on the carographer servers is [IMM] M4GNO some time ago a friend played with his account on my computer and my IP was saved as if it were his, a few days ago he received a ban for aim bot and My computer was also affected, I have videos, streams, witnesses and more that show...
  4. Rowss

    My account is banned

    good afternoon. A year ago I was playing this game and I was banned, this year I want to play again and it is impossible to enter, given that I am still banned. What can I do to play again?
  5. F

    My Account is Banned

    Please people help me with my acoount, today i created my firt account in this game, but ist banned way help me my email is [email protected] y my profile is farkot09. When I add account, I get the error of a banned account that I must post in the forum to demonstrate my innocence ...
  6. P

    estoy baneado soy inocente

    ayuda quize abrir el juego y me aparece baneado
  7. J

    banneo de usuario sin haber jugado nada

    Buenos días, mi usuario es JEY y no podido jugar ni la primera vez ya que instale el juego y realice la creación d mi cuenta pero al intentar iniciar sesión me sale que mi cuenta se encuentra banneada y no comprendo por que si solamente instale el juego. Espero me puedan colaborar
  8. L

    Banned for superbouncing

    I was banned for superjumping. I don't deny doing it. I didn't know it was not allowed. I was told in game that it was not allowed in other peoples servers so I stopped. I come from Xbox 360 where superjumping was just part of the game and everyone could do it so I figured it was okay. I'll keep...
  9. M

    Help / Ayuda Baneo al crear cuenta

    Hola buenas tardes acabo de instalar el halo 2 y el project y al crear cuenta y verificar correo todo bien, pero entro al juego y me dice que la cuenta ha sido baneada sin haber jugado ninguna partida he creado 3 cuentas y en las 3 me dice lo mismo Gracias por la ayuda..
  10. C

    Baneado por ayudar!

    Hola. Necesito saber porque me han baneado, aqui va mi historia: Estaba feliz, jugando Halo 2. Pero de pronto un amigo que estaba instalando Halo 2 por primera vez, me dijo que estaba baneado, entonces yo le dije "a de ser por un error al instalar, prestame tu cuenta y veo si puedo abrirla...