1. G

    No text bug

    I changed the resolution and all the text disappeared, no way to restore it to. Reinstalling the game didn't help either.
  2. Z

    Cutscene loop glitch in Quarantine Zone

    So I’m up to the level Quarantine Zone in Halo 2 and every time I try to play it, it goes back to the initial cutscene that plays before the level starts and loops over and over. It never goes back into the actual level and I have no idea why this is happening. I tried waiting for a checkpoint...
  3. P

    Changing the reticle size also changes the weapon spread.

    Not sure if anyone reported this yet, but today while mid-game I decided to change the reticle size as I found it to be too be for my screen.And after doing that I noticed that the spread in-game is also affected, since the fired shots tend to stay within the reticle, especially for the hitscan...
  4. Canidae_Cyanide

    Insufficient PC Identification

    I open up the game for the first time in months, and attempt to log in. I receive the above error. How can I recover my account and get back to playing again?
  5. H

    Killfeed bug/glitch

    My killfeed posts three times for every event that happens. Also, all ammo numbers are multiplied by three, such as "Picked up 90 BR rounds" when "Picked up 30 BR rounds" is the correct feed. Is there any way to fix this?
  6. S

    No snow on LOCKOUT?

    Up: Me on Lockout. Notice there are no snowflakes. Down: a random vid I found on YT. Snow falls this time. Does anybody know how to fix this? Are there any more problems with the visuals like this? I can be more specific if necessary. I would really appreciate it.
  7. P

    Email Already In Use (It's not though...)

    Hi, so I created an account in game with my email. I didn't like the user name so I deleted it. (Did the whole email confirmation thing to both create and delete) Now when I try to create an account I can't use that email, even though the account has been deleted. I try to sign into the old...
  8. U

    Cannot see in-game chat

    It was working normally until around two days ago where it just stopped. I didn't change any settings in the cartographer section on the main menu nor on any audio/video settings. In game, when I press F1 to type, nothing shows up. However, when i press it it doesn't move my character until I...