1. Ashura HeX

    Change user name (nickname) in game.

    Greetings. Is there a way to change my user name? (the one I use to login in the game).
  2. J

    Is there an alternative to Xlive

    Hi what im looking for is rather specific. I want to run project cartographer without xlive as to make use of GFWL and earn achievements while also benefiting from the fixes of Project Cartographer (PC). Im not interested in the online side of cartographer. Does PC use xlive as a loader is there...
  3. BoundlessHalo97

    Full Game Installer + Mod - 404 Error Message

    So I'm attempting to use the Full Game Installer + Mod, but every time I click the button that's supposed to download it I get a 404 error screen. The tutorial I'm watching is from this year, so I shouldn't be having these issues. The tutorial I'm using: The website I'm using...