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    send help im being kicked for using aimbot

    honest too god I don't have any cheats or hacks...kept being kicked for no reason I was playing gun game and head collector (or was it skull collector)... I didn't download anything recently or tamper with the game files at all....I've been getting god at the game lately and I guess its some...
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    [LOH]umpalumpa, umpalumpa - modified values?

    one hit melee and sniper that shoots multiple bullets in one shot why is he in a clan now and no one questions anything he does mid-game?
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    Unfortunately, I was unable to get more footage of him snapping to targets because typically I'd be dead before I could even turn to face him. Server: [H&C] Sniper Town Date: 12th September, 2018 at 00:24 GMT (+0h) (which could make it still 11th September in other time zones).
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    why login say i'm cheater?

    i make account for online called masterchief6611 but when log in it say im cheater but i never cheat or play online before