1. A

    Hacker invincibility

    26/12/2020 | UTC 20:10 PM Hacker tag: samuelxdnomames Pruebas:
  2. R

    xXxCAVEIRAxXx| speed hack

  3. R

    mi hp madre dz hack shotgun

  4. R

    DR06 speed hack

  5. | SCRAPY |


    Full Video 06:30 09:35
  6. | SCRAPY |

    Yoan Araujo Cheater - Speedhack -

  7. screamox02

    Tu_Gfa12 Hack CTF Distrito

    Hey folks, i caught this cheater. Nickname: Tu_Gfa12
  8. screamox02

    RG ZANGETSU Cheater

    Hey Folks. I caught this cheater.
  9. screamox02

    EliteMaxXER - Speed and Fly Hack

    Hey Folks. I caught this cheater.
  10. screamox02

    Speed Hack - Yisusjes4321

    Hey Folks. I caught this cheater.
  11. NukeULater

    LUFALUFALUFA flyhack

  12. screamox02

    Cheater RoqueAlfa

    RoqueAlfa Cheater on district CTF Objetive 2
  13. P

    Banning players who say offensive things in game chat

    Is it possible to ban certain players for spamming inappropriate and vulgar language in chat? Sounds like I'm whining but it's annoying and ruins the experience for everyone. For example this kid Hell Joker, who spammed profanities all game. No one wants to deal with that crap. Thanks
  14. C

    Cheater Trinity

    Player Named Trinity used hacks to get on top of the map where normally its impossible to do, and now he is using that to kill other players constantly
  15. screamox02

    The player eizo123 is a chetaer he use a cheat of jump

    0:17 to 0:19 and 0:26 to 0:33