1. L

    All buttons work in-game except X,A,B buttons on Xbox One controller

    I checked the Windows 10 "Setup USB controller controllers" and everything works fine. I opened the Durazno.exe in the "controller_remap" folder and everything works there too. I play Halo Infinite with the controller just fine as well. What do I do to get the X,A & B buttons to work in Project...
  2. K

    XBOX One controller ?

    Why doesn't the xbox one controller work in multiplayer?
  3. Lytatroan

    Is there a way to get Nintendo Switch controllers working on Halo 2 PC?

    Hey! I'm Lyta. I tried to play H2PC with 2 Joy-Cons from my Nintendo Switch. I'm planning on getting a Pro Controller for my Switch and I was wondering, can I use the pro controller on Halo 2? I'm not a controller player on H2PC. I play with mouse and keyboard. So is there any way to get a...
  4. F

    (How To) Use a Xbox 360 controller with halo 2 pc on linux via WINE.

    PREREQUISITES 1) A Linux system(obviously:) ) 2) You already need to install the game via wine(just use playonlinux), if you didn't install it, check this for info. 3) A Xbox 360 controller and adapter for PC. STEPS 1) Install Xbox DRV, if you are on a Debian/apt based system; you can typesudo...
  5. botch xx

    Controller button mapping issues

    Hi all, First of all, thank you for your incredible work on bringing h2 multiplayer back online. It's been so good getting back into it after 10 years of not playing! I'm currently running project cartographer through a wineskin on my mac, but have been having trouble getting a controller to...