1. H3ackern3umber2

    Yo, game keeps crashing every time I try to launch it.

    Running on Windows 10, tried compatibility settings, kept crashing. I got some crash dump files here and no idea what to do with them, so I'm just gonna post 'em here. This is what it looks like with compatibility settings. I've got no idea how to even open the crash dump file to see what's...
  2. O

    Game crashes!! D:

    hiiiii, i made this account only for this, i seen so many people playing normally but i cant, it crashes every time!, when i need to log in and i try to type with my xbox 360 controller, the game just crashes and when i get into campaign there are some guys that are celebrating when master chief...
  3. P

    H2C crashes after 1/1/2020 update

    Hi i am using windows 10 and h2c was running fine until the 1/1/2020 update and i get a fatal crash error. Try uninstalling and reinstalling same error plzz help anyone
  4. N

    Game crash help

    When I try to add account, and then go into username it crashes. Anyone know a fix for this?
  5. I

    Game won't launch after Windows 10 update

    Today Win10 updated and after the update the game didn't launch anymore. :confused: Deinstalled H2cartographer, reinstalled and it worked again after rebooting the PC. After a few games I shut down my PC and now I wanted to play again. Again H2 won't launch and my method of deinstalling and...
  6. J

    Game makes my monitor search for input randomly.

    Hi, When playing the game my monitor will randomly disconnect and search for an input as if it was unplugged from my PC. This will happen randomly every few minutes or so, sometimes it recovers and comes right back, other times it disconnects and cannot find my PC until I Alt+F4 the game...