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  1. arroz con queso

    how to make maps for halo 2? (¿como hacer mapas para halo 2?)

    How can I get started in creating maps for multiplayer? and how can I see them in the game? what do i need to know What do I need to download? any advice? (como puedo iniciarme en la creacion de mapas para el multijugador? y como puedo verlos en el juego?) que necesito saber? que necesito...
  2. SwingSwangdong

    Hosting Private Server for Friends

    Hi, with the new update that came out, I heard that you can now host a server without the hassle of port forwarding, and hope to get into server hosting for my friends. But I don't know how to set it up. Would anyone please provide an up to date guide on server hosting? I'd especially like to...
  3. A

    Hello i need Help!

    I create a server in Network and nobody can join, we installed hamachi but still cant join, PLEASE HELP
  4. R

    [Solved] Cannot Host a Lan Game

    So for like 2 months I've been trying to figure out how to host a game and have my brother join. I really wanna play coop campaign with him and i found this tool on this page: So now I'm trying to host a server but every time I do i get this...