custom maps

  1. arroz con queso

    how to make maps for halo 2? (¿como hacer mapas para halo 2?)

    How can I get started in creating maps for multiplayer? and how can I see them in the game? what do i need to know What do I need to download? any advice? (como puedo iniciarme en la creacion de mapas para el multijugador? y como puedo verlos en el juego?) que necesito saber? que necesito...
  2. xLIx_LaVa

    custom map wont show up for me

    Ok so i tried to download this custom firefight map and i put it in the maps folder, but when i open the game, go to network/create new game/game setup/change map, and change default slider to custom nothing is there. if i could get some help i would greatly appreciate :)
  3. arroz con queso

    mapas killtrocity Xbox classic a Halo 2 cartographer

    he visto en los post viejos, pero, es posible jugar los mapas mod de halo 2 kiltrocity en linea? he jugado mapas descargables como ese donde juegan juggernaut pero me extraña que esos mapas no esten U_U
  4. T


    So yeah zombies is a great gamemode and all, but it gets really boring when the humans just camp out somewhere or glitch out of maps. I believe this could be rectified by only playing zombies on small maps, since i don't expect anybody to not camp. OR, the zombie speed could be increased, OR...
  5. T

    halo 2 servers kinda repetitive

    I think it would be really cool if the servers could pick random games for us to play, along with different game modes. so far ive only seen 1 server implement this and i just thought it would be nice to be able to play the full roster of game modes and maps. (Like i have never found a king of...
  6. IceCap

    Does anybody know any good tutorials for making Halo 2 maps?

    The only one I can find was made 11 years ago and seems pretty outdated... I'm trying to get into modding maps so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Sniper_Monkey

    Custom Map FAQ

    Only session host or dedicated server needs to have a custom map first, players without a map will be able to download it in the pre-game lobby. Q: Where do I get custom maps? A: You can see and download every map file available in the Repo. Q: Where do I put these files to make them work...
  8. P

    Desire to Craft Mods for offline play + Eventual hopes to host custom map games server

    The Background My name is pika. Years ago I used to love modding Halo 2 on my original Xbox. I never had any desire to cheat in online games, and I highly doubt I ever will in the future. I edited Halo in ways that I found to be incredibly fun. I crafted what I like to call "amateur mods". My...