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    Friends cant connect

    My server shows up in the list when i make it, but none of my friends can connect. any troubleshooting ideas? none of em are on the same ip or anything
  2. | SCRAPY |

    [MAP-Edited] Foggy Maps Zombie?

    It'd be interesting if someone could throw these on a server and see how people like them? Ctf, zombies, ts. Green fog, zombie style map edit for coagulation and others. just drop the map in customs map in my documents, my games, halo 2, maps...
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    [AUS @Halo4Life] - 24x7 Customs Dedi

    Hi All, Thought i would try to bring back a few of the old game types and Custom Maps to a Dedi server. Currently it has the following Maps/Games setup in the Dedicated server Playlist. Ascension ToP PB1 (Tower of Power) - Slayer (Multi Team) Beaver Creek - Dodgeball (Rockets) - (Rules)...
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    Custom Maps. Help!

    I download maps and extract them to a .map file then place them in the map folder, then I go in the game and go to start a game and go to the right to look at custom maps but it says I have non. Help please :(