dedicated servers

  1. N

    dedicated server

    Hello gentlemen of the forum, good morning, I hope everyone is in good health. I am a fan of Halo 2, although I am not good at playing, every day I improve a little. I would like to install a halo server in a web hosting, but I have only found a guide to install it on the PC and it is not very...
  2. SR388

    can't connect to dedicated servers anymore

    Hi, a couple of days ago I noticed I can't connect to most of the dedicated servers anymore, servers like clanclow or the objective servers won't let me join. I know about port forwarding but don't know how or what to do to fix this.
  3. M

    I am new and I really need help

    Hi guys like I say I am new on this game and I downloaded project cartographer and I loged in for online game and activate my account BUT I couldn't find any server any . How I fix this thank you Edit: I did all update in game update menu.