1. D

    Fatal error in the game when enter in a room

    Hi, I am having an error when I try to enter a game I started playing not long ago and this had not happened to me before, I reinstalled the game and still the problem continues I do not know what to do I would like help. Sys specs: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M RAM: 8GB GPU: Intel HD...


    Sorry I was wrong publishing a post and I can't find the delete button
  3. Y

    Me sale un mensaje que me dice que no haga trampas

    Hola, voy al grano, el caso es que ayer actualicé project cartographer, anteriormente tenía un problema que no me dejaba entrar a las partidas online, pero ahora el problema es que cuando estoy a mitad de una partida de cualquier tipo, el juego se congela y tengo que darle a la tecla windows...
  4. DinodestronBT

    im getting disconnected out of matches

    Well, since the last update I have been having problems, every time I am in a zombie or ctf type game and I do a kill, the game closes and it sends me to the post about hackers on this page, and directly I am not hacking just playing normal but the game closes. Is anyone having the same type of...
  5. J


    HELP. (PC v. English version: I am a usual player of Halo 2. I never had problems with the game. Recently, I can't join in-game. Only I saw the Servers List. Help me, please. SPANISH VERSION: Ayuda. No puedo ingresar a las partidas. Lo último que recuerdo fue actualizar a la...
  6. (&ELIT&) (kronos)

    error reading custom maps on dedicated server

    for some reason trying to put a variant with a custom map gives me an error but this does not happen with all the maps it only happens with some, what can I do to correct
  7. T

    I can't create an account

    When i try to create an account I get an error message. An internal error has ocurred. We've probably noticed this already but contacto an admin if this persist
  8. soorrymommm

    My game crashes after finishing the mission regret.

    Before I installed the halo 2 cartographer mod I was able to play the campaign without any problems, i'll be it, it was way slower in terms of fps before i had installed the mod, but after I installed the mod, I continued my current play through on the mission regret, and every time I finish it...
  9. A

    Error trying to log in: An internal error has occured

    Been a while since i log in, but i tried the last Friday and an update pop out, i updated, and now every time i try to log in this message appear... Something broken! An internal error has occured. We've probably noticed this already but contact and admin if this persist. i thought it was a...
  10. G

    Internal Error has occured

    Hey, I'm a week into playing PC it has been great, yesterday I could not sign in due to this error. It says contact admin. I have turned off my firewall an tried to run as admin. Nothing working yet. Anything else I can try other than reinstalling PC?
  11. BoundlessHalo97

    Full Game Installer + Mod - 404 Error Message

    So I'm attempting to use the Full Game Installer + Mod, but every time I click the button that's supposed to download it I get a 404 error screen. The tutorial I'm watching is from this year, so I shouldn't be having these issues. The tutorial I'm using: The website I'm using...
  12. J

    Login Error

    I can not loggin, my pass and user are correctly and I dont know what to do