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  1. UnTalMoK7u7

    Banned xD

    hello there! I was banned and I know why. I was just trolling some players who were abusive or annoying to other players. I know that it is not the best method and much less the adequate one, however, I am willing to stop doing it if I am unbanned I promise not to do it again and report...
  2. LaMaracachafa28

    SIUUUUUUUUUUUUU player with cheats on server in Zombie mode

    Espero que nadie lo encuentre en diferentes servidores, estuvo en 4 partidas usando el hack
  3. Sebastian Ulloa Fonseca

    Flyhack - Nickname: "yefer :o"

    Hi. I was playing in zombies mode, and the player yefer used the flyhack repeatedly. I have evidence. 3 videos showing it, but this system does not admit .mp4 files.