flyhack report

  1. UnTalMoK7u7

    Banned xD

    hello there! I was banned and I know why. I was just trolling some players who were abusive or annoying to other players. I know that it is not the best method and much less the adequate one, however, I am willing to stop doing it if I am unbanned I promise not to do it again and report...
  2. Y

    Hacker Saltarín/ Jumper Hacker

    Hola a todos, vengo a reportar a un hacker. El caso es que entré a una partida de bola loca donde sólo estaba él, supongo que pensó que nadie entraría y podría jugar con hacks todo lo que quisiera. Hi everybody, today i come here to report a hacker. The case is i join in a steel ball server...
  3. SR388

    can't connect to dedicated servers anymore

    Hi, a couple of days ago I noticed I can't connect to most of the dedicated servers anymore, servers like clanclow or the objective servers won't let me join. I know about port forwarding but don't know how or what to do to fix this.
  4. eLuculent

    Kevin Loaiza - Report

    Playing today encountered this guy. Speed and Fly, as shown in below clips. Also encountered fully automatic BR. Speed hack Fly hack
  5. K

    CadyMoutain fly hack Project Cartographer

    CadyMoutain fly hack Project Cartographer