1. Sexy Juan

    I can't play online in the servers

    The servers list takes time to load and when it does i can't join in the games it appears to me the message "you can't join this party. Please wait a moment and try later." What can i do?, it's somehow my fault or of the servers? And someting that i forget to say is that when i'm logging in...
  2. BoundlessHalo97

    Full Game Installer + Mod - 404 Error Message

    So I'm attempting to use the Full Game Installer + Mod, but every time I click the button that's supposed to download it I get a 404 error screen. The tutorial I'm watching is from this year, so I shouldn't be having these issues. The tutorial I'm using: The website I'm using...
  3. M

    I am new and I really need help

    Hi guys like I say I am new on this game and I downloaded project cartographer and I loged in for online game and activate my account BUT I couldn't find any server any . How I fix this thank you Edit: I did all update in game update menu.