1. kayhotic

    Hacker/Fast Fire BR report

    Date: august 9th 2022 i wish to report someone by the name of Erick8652 I was only in game to configure my keybindings. he then came in to start aimbotting and using AutoBR. i wasn't even playing the game tonight to even *play* it tonight. i just Re-Downloaded it and just began setting up my...
  2. A

    Hacker invincibility

    26/12/2020 | UTC 20:10 PM Hacker tag: samuelxdnomames Pruebas:
  3. screamox02

    Wonser Hacks

    Hey folks, I caught to this cheater.
  4. necronomicoy

    invincible hacker in zombies

    so we were playing and this motherfucker received no damage, either direct sword attacks or grenades didn't work on them, his name was Shinji, I was playing June 6 2019 01:39:02 AM Mexico time hacker video
  5. S

    erase this

    erase this please
  6. Schizo


    Server, date, and time are in the beginning of the video.
  7. Wattson

    Just in case....

    Accused of hacking yet again, so here is proof just in case.
  8. C

    Cheater Trinity

    Player Named Trinity used hacks to get on top of the map where normally its impossible to do, and now he is using that to kill other players constantly
  9. P

    BarSoftClout Wall hack

    Hey, sorry to bother you all, but I encoutnered a hacker today on one of the CTF servers that did a random weapon change at spawn. I first noticed the hacker when I was in active camo, and moving out of a pathway. BarSoftClout, which I shall refer to as BSC, immediately knew where I was, and...
  10. Desert Shark

    The Copy [Case Solved] 8:40 P.M. (PST)

    After few test w/the Dev Preview Team people started to panic after seeing this Copy. With people seeing their own name being used by this "unknown" player. Who can it be? We need "YOU" to find him for us. Good luck out there soldier! Alright folks these are some known "causes" of this Entity...
  11. D

    Screimer Hacking

    Video proof: