hacking cheating

  1. D

    I was banned right at the moment I said I was no longer going to use hacks and I already deleted the hacks

    Excuse me little bright community, sorry for using hacks I just wanted to entertain a while, I already deleted my hacks and I will never use them again My account name is: D Flog flag I'm sorry for all those frustrated players who despair killing again and again, that's why I apologize I'm sorry...
  2. ADIReclaimer117

    Team killing in zombies server

    Hacker name: numb nuts Server name: HaloCol.tk2 Game mode: zombies HARD Date: 22 October 2019, Tuesday Time: 2:11 pm according to Indian Standard Time (IST) The video evidence is in the link...kindly ban the player as soon as possible.


    please remove post