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  1. arroz con queso

    mapas killtrocity Xbox classic a Halo 2 cartographer

    he visto en los post viejos, pero, es posible jugar los mapas mod de halo 2 kiltrocity en linea? he jugado mapas descargables como ese donde juegan juggernaut pero me extraña que esos mapas no esten U_U
  2. | SCRAPY |


    Transfusion Download Here Transfusion, I ended up removing the majority of rocks along the walls and some tree's due to in-game issues. Made adjustments to the cliff ledges, rocks for cover throughout the map. It's essentially just and is Coagulation, but with more stuff, in an attempt to...
  3. D

    There's possible to coop halo 2 pc??? / Any good mods or maps?

    There's a way to play Halo 2 coop mode? of 2 players or more??? also... I dont know if mods or maps are allowed but if they are, what kind of maps are good to play? even with npc
  4. KeepingConch349

    Mod Listings

    Essentially this Quite literally is just me trying to find a list of mods for the current edition of the game, including custom maps and such. Honestly I wish it was where we had a mod manager but I digress. Hope you guys can assist
  5. Rim001

    UNSC Marine Mod

    I made this mod using assembly this is the 1st version let me know your feedback my discord is Rim#4872 (There is Pratically Unlimited Ammo in the Battle Rifle and Magnum just in case if you wanna shoot em' up) FIRST VERSION OF THE MOD!. Marine Variants: -Radio Operator Marine -Pilot -Standard...