1. Grillo2403

    Autolook centering disabled and Anticheat still close the game....

    Hi, today I had problems with the game, when the match is about to end, the anticheat is activated stating that I use Aimbot and the game closes ... I need help to be know what the error is because I deactivate the autolook centering and still the anticheat appears and close the game ... thanks...
  2. | SCRAPY |


    Full Video 06:30 09:35
  3. K

    XBOX One controller ?

    Why doesn't the xbox one controller work in multiplayer?
  4. G

    I've a problem...

    Hi guys, I can enter all the games, ..., but I can not enter the party: "1v1 for fags" and other called "snipers" I would like to know if someone else has that problem ...
  5. mr.doombringer

    The DoomBringer

    Hello! I am The DoomBringer! I'm new to Project Cartographer and I haven't played Halo in a long time. I would like to get some tips from the community! Thanks! - The DoomBringer :eek: :cool:--▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 < :confused: