help error message

  1. Y

    Me sale un mensaje que me dice que no haga trampas

    Hola, voy al grano, el caso es que ayer actualicé project cartographer, anteriormente tenía un problema que no me dejaba entrar a las partidas online, pero ahora el problema es que cuando estoy a mitad de una partida de cualquier tipo, el juego se congela y tengo que darle a la tecla windows...
  2. ANormalUser

    Tengo un problema (I have a problem)

    ESP: Hace un tiempo de descargue HALO 2 (pirata, porque no) y noté que el punto de mira estaba muy abajo de lo que me había acostumbrado con mis demás juegos, y busque una solución, descargue Project Cartographer, lo instale y al iniciar el juego, me sale un error, que es el siguiente: ENG: Some...
  3. Sexy Juan

    I can't play online in the servers

    The servers list takes time to load and when it does i can't join in the games it appears to me the message "you can't join this party. Please wait a moment and try later." What can i do?, it's somehow my fault or of the servers? And someting that i forget to say is that when i'm logging in...
  4. D

    Fatal error

    C'mon first i can't sign in and now i can't even play? Guys help me
  5. D

    Cannot sign in, please help!

    Hello, so today i tried to sign in on "Halo 2 Project Cartographer" (for some reason my account has been eliminated from the main sign menu). I'm trying to add my account again and an error appears saying that there's an internal error. I don't know if my account has been hacked or i'm not...
  6. K

    Dont get verification email

    i have created an account the message came that said that they send an email but i didnt get one
  7. Ú

    My Project Cartographer doesn't start. KERNEL32.dll related problem.

    Can I ask help from you guys? I have a Windows Vista Home Premium. I installed my Halo 2 copy and copied the Project Cartographer launcher in the same folder where I installed the game. I tried the older version of Project Cartographer 2.1.2. and it ran well. I saw the Master Connection in the...