in-game chat

  1. arroz con queso

    In game voice chat

    Estaba viendo un video viejo de halo 2 cartographer de cuando salió y dice que según tiene chat de voz, realmente funciona y soporta micrófono? O halo 2 Vista nunca tuvo eso en un inicio?
  2. Some Dude

    what's multiplayer like? Is it similar to Halo Custom Edition's (Halo 1) multiplayer?

    I decided to try playing cartographer again since I'm playing on a nicer computer. A LOT nicer than my laggy hp laptop. I only played some of the campaign, so now I want to see what multiplayer is like. That and I'm still kind of new to Halo 2. 1. What's the average player count on this? I...
  3. U

    Cannot see in-game chat

    It was working normally until around two days ago where it just stopped. I didn't change any settings in the cartographer section on the main menu nor on any audio/video settings. In game, when I press F1 to type, nothing shows up. However, when i press it it doesn't move my character until I...