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  1. M

    problems with the installation

    friends I have problems with the installation of my game I have windows 7 and it throws me the following error "error with visual c ++ 2013 install. you may encounter issues when running game .." i have c +++ redistr installed please help me
  2. 7hund3r

    Unable to join a game (High Ping to blame, I think)

    I'm a new player from Asia, and I've loved Halo since my childhood. Are there no Asian servers? I keep trying to join a game in from the browse option but my ping hardly goes below 250 in the game. (Its 78 outside of the game). Is there any way I can fix this? Many of my friends also love Halo...
  3. G

    I cant play.

    Anyone had problems joining a server? Since yesterday i cant join any game, i have the latest update, i dont know what's happening
  4. R

    banned and I don't know why

    I was expelled without reason, I am a reptile [XBX] when I said enter I was banned
  5. Red eyed spartan

    the lag

    My network is giving me extreme lag in online games. it keeps on saying "connecting to network" over and over in game. This is VERY ereitating.